Environmental Review

Paper sourcing

All our paper is purchased from the UK 4 major paper merchants. We only use known quality branded papers. The merchants source these papers from reputable European paper mills which have strict environmental manufacturing policies in place.

Paper waste

All paper waste is disposed of via approved waste paper company for recycling.

Chemistry and substrates

We use vegetable based inks as is the industry standard. All chemistry is water soluble but is collected by and disposed of by the chemistry suppliers.
Used printing plates: Recycled.


Factory is fitted with a power unit that minimises energy use.
Staff are encouraged to turn off all idle machinery, lighting, heating, etc. when not in use.


Delivery vans are gas converted. Multiple drops are done where possible.
Pallet deliveries over 50 miles are sent out via large courier companies when time permits, which is cheaper and has a lesser impact on the environment.
Small deliveries. We encourage sales and staff to make deliveries if they are travelling near to required destination.
Sales staff are encouraged to use rail services rather than car.


Offices are double glazed. Factory shutter doors are kept closed in cold weather.

Staff awareness

Staff are aware of their duties to comply with the company practices in relation to the environment. Any additional suggestions they have are welcome.

This assessment was carried out by:
4th October 2012